Morning routines, meditating & manifestation

The weirder you get the more aligned you are?
Let me address something.
I probably told you already that I’m not a big fan of meditating and manifestation.
I also think that today’s psychology misunderstood many lessons from the past.
We see everywhere “anxiety”, “depression”, “sick ambition”, “toxic people”…
and it is created to the point that instead of letting you cure you become sicker.
And more often you finish with psychiatric because your psychologist says “now is the time”.
When you feel sad today it doesn’t mean you have depression.
The thing that you have goals doesn’t mean you’re eaten by ambitions.
And if someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them toxic.
We see morning routines. Meditating rituals. And we treat all of that so serious.
I would prefer to understand and be aware of what happens in me rather than following some routines believing that these tasks made in the right order will make me __ (fill up yourself).
It’s fck bullshit.
I know it’s everywhere.
But we all get a brain for something.
At least it’s what I believe in.

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