European funds support innovation and job creation or kill it?

European Funds? Thank you but no thank you.

This will be controversial but let me explain.

I feel like the European funds are overused by entrepreneurs. They often don’t get to the people who work on the things that fully deserve the investment.

I know companies that use them just to stay in business. There are no results of their work and projects that get the funds. They sell nothing, do nothing… but have a great sports car.

I see that laziness is winning the market. People do nothing and live with European funds. If they get the money everything is good, when they don’t they apply for another and another. They brainstorm new project ideas just to get the grant. And they call themselves businessman, entrepreneur, leaders.

Any thoughts?

If someone of this kind of ‘business owner’ read this I would say: poor you. People are watching you. You think they are stupid, they don’t see what you are doing but they are more aware than you think. You will get this money for X number of times. But there will be a day that will verify your entrepreneurship. The funds will finally end.

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