New perspective on funding your ideas

Not many people would tell you this but if you just starting out, if you don’t have money to start the project it’s better to get some job. Save money and then work on the project.

You probably want to hear about easy to get grant or loan. Something easy and available instantly. But the truth is there’s no golden cure for your pain.

Why I would not advise you to find an investor? You don’t know if your idea is valuable so how you want to prove your worth? You can have some ideas, strategy plan but it’s not enough.

I’m amazed by the number of people who don’t know what they really want to do and how they will give money back. They trying to pitch investor without knowing what they really want. They instantly burn their bridges.

Would you invest in something that doesn’t have a clear vision/ patch/ history?

Let’s use common sense here. Would you give your money to someone just because he asked you to?

The start-up money many times is coming from a day job, side hustle, testing your ideas. Make a prototype, experiment. See what’s working. See how the market works, what is the reaction on your product.

You won’t be confident about yourself and your ideas if you don’t have certainty that it works and financial safety. When you are desperate, or unsure, people can sense that and they will never go for it.

Don’t wait for the magic to happen. If you won’t invest your own money in yourself don’t believe that someone else will.

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