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Do you sometimes wonder:
Why there are so many fires and why your business is not achieving its goals?
Why does your team sometimes seem to “don’t care” at all?
And why is your business lacking innovation when you insist so much on it?

Then this training is for you! You will acquire skills allowing for effective and dynamic management with an emphasis on unconventional activities. Without the impression that you are spinning around. Your team will be more efficient in delivering project results without the impression that all the effort is leaking through the fingers, without wondering “what I missed” and “what will surprise us tomorrow”.


Leadership dilemmas in projects and teams and how to deal with them.

Everyone focuses on innovation and there’s no a single one breakthrough idea…
Why does no one want to use the results of the innovative project?
Is my project in crisis and how to deal with it?
Everywhere I am bombarded with various, often contradictory, advice and inspirations. How do you know what makes sense and what is fake?
Sometimes I feel like a babysitter in my firm…

You seem to know what you are doing, you know how to create a sensible plan, you embrace the team and its tasks and you are not paralyzed by taking up new challenges. And yet, sometimes questions like the one above come to mind. Or maybe a few more… You are not alone! We have created this training with you in mind.


Risk management, pandemic and “black swans”. In short: how not to go mad when the world turns upside down.

Why too cautious are loosing, and at the same time how not to cross the line between bold innovation and the stupidy?
What does it mean to be resilient in a world of high uncertainty and volatility?
How not to be blind on risks?
What are the imperfections in turquoise organizations and other popular ideas from America?
The crisis is struck: how can we survive it and even emerge stronger from it?

We will tell you how to not only deal with capricious reality but also use it regardless of what type of person you are.


“They don’t listen to me because I’m not their direct boss.”
“I don’t have that spell that makes others follow me.”
“When I speak in a meeting, hardly anyone is interested.”
“I’m afraid to make my expectations clear.”
“I don’t want to offend or demotivate the team”
“No one knows who I am. It’s so hard to stand out”

Such statements appear in the mind of many leaders, which is why it is worth working on the way of conducting meetings, convincing others and creating a strong personal brand image. You will find your own charisma that is consistent with your values and character.

Didn’t find what you hoped for?
Or not sure which one suits you best?

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