What differentiate weak salespeople from the best ones?

The best do the work – draw conclusions and make changes. DOING is the key!

The weak salespeople are waiting for someone to do the work for them or they are waiting for an ideal situation (this almost never happens) They don’t understand that it would be enough… just to find good enough solution for today and safe to do too.

Time is running out anyway. They sit and theorize instead of acting – doing. Then the boss comes and gets pissed off that there are no sales. After a few months or years … they call me, and I come and say: “Here is the plan. we will start doing. Implement. And draw conclusions.” The strategy is based on knowing – not on thinking.
And suddenly it all happens.
Simple, right?

Don’t believe “busy” bullshit, that it is “the marketing department fault” or that they “doing their best”. It just a smokescreen. You can have results or excuses – never both.

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