Habit that helped me be a better CEO

Having a schedule is not a fucking prison!

That’s what I often hear.

Entrepreneurs want to do what they want, when they want.

They end up doing nothing,

wasting time, their potential…

therefore their life!

Schedule up so that you have the day you want.

How can you make today the best day possible?

Set it up!

If you won’t hit it,

there’s some percentage you achieved,

increase it over time!

Balance responsibilities and rewards so you won’t feel so drained.

And don’t make things look worse!

We, humans, have a great skill in making things looks worse than they actually are.

We play all or nothing game while (as I know life) neither best nor worst scenario will happen.

And let me tell you about something…

not so long ago,

I saw the world, the society as pathological creation,

and it becomes my hell to live in!

I was angry.

I lived pathological life – agreeing to less, passing on the chances, waiting…

I surrounded myself with people who lived pathological life…

and guess what,

the world becomes my hell,

on my own wish!

I told myself I was born at the wrong time, place etc.

My schedule was work, eat, sleep and repeat with no extra meaning,

just to let time fly,

no schedule,

life on autopilot,

mentally broken…

because without the schedule you can’t be healthy.

The tasks regulate the mood.

Schedule let you avoid procrastination habit

and I’m sure you have it.

You procrastinate and then crack the whip,

on repeat,

in the circle.

But think about it.

It is so pathetic

so boring way of spending your time.

Yes, scheduling will require a little negotiation with yourself.

You want to present yourself with an opportunity to have a great life.

That’s hard…

because we don’t like ourselves very much,

we rather want to sacrifice, be the hero for someone else.

The truth is…

you don’t get everything!

you won’t do all the tasks all the time,

the results may suck.

But scheduling on repeat will get you further than letting your life guide itself.

Today ask yourself:

what remarkably stupid things do you do on regular basis to screw up your life??

FYI you actually have to want to know the answer,

the real answer,

not some bullshit!

This is what helped me be a better CEO.

Of my life.

Of my company.


One habit that everyone needs.

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