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Sending our infuturable wishes for a safe and delightful holiday season filled with the love and warmth of family and amazing outcomes of fashion innovations.

As we look ahead to the bright future, may this season give us a renewed sense of appreciation for the gift of time and the magic of celebrating this season with creativity in our hearts.

On behalf of the infuture.family, we wish you the happiest and most peaceful of holidays, and look forward to a prosperous New Year!

Celebrating Big Achievements in 2021

Changes. changes. changes.

As we started 2021 we came to the conclusion that things are not going the right way. But we didn’t know exactly what’s wrong. As a CEO, I felt it was time for big changes, it was a time for downsizing. The whole process took 6 months.

The changes were definitely not easy for me. I explain that a little bit in my video: https://youtu.be/InK-5yKrZZM

When downsizing was done, by that I mean all changes were made, and the situation was stable. Then I decided to give myself time until the end of the year to develop new offerings.

Why did I make this decision?
Similar to the reason for downsizing the company – quality over quantity. The offer was a mess and I felt it doesn’t support the client as expected, plus it didn’t differentiate us on the market anyhow.

What were my concerns?
As with any changes – will this actually work?

What were the beginnings like?
For a long time researched and put all the insights in excel. We couldn’t find the right thing, one idea that make sense and put all the rest together. When we finally came up with a subscription offer, we didn’t know how it should start. As we filter the customers we want to make sure we won’t get time wasters onboard. That’s when the BMA consultation and application form came in. At first, we wanted simple 1-hour consultation, not an audit. More affordable, seemed to be easier to sell. But we knew inside, that it will not create enough value. No value means people will pass on the subscription. So we sit for long hours bringing all the consulting notes together. We realized that standard brief (that we see everywhere) actually don’t support our services. It was useless. We wrote down the questions and areas of research that actually make sense, make difference, both for us and the client. Long pages, many elements, but we got this. It was time to try it in practice.

When did I get my first client for a subscription?
Same day as soon as I announced the changes. I was surprised that people were aware enough of my brand that they saw the updates on the website almost instantly.

The new offer became a flagship program.

A summary of the effects:

The average increase in monthly sales in customers’ stores is 120%.
We uncovered great opportunities that matched the client’s budget and needs.
We created numerous future-fit strategies, new product launches and communication calendars.

What is most important to me, apart from customer results, is that no customer has left the subscription program. BMA consultation separated the types of the clients. The whole idea supported our branding, marketing and sales. And it all helped to organise our schedules.

Now we are ready to start the new year with a stable financial and organisational situation.

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