Highly motivational preannouncement of my new book

What do you do when the entire world tells you it’s over?

“No one gets out of this life alive.” – Charles Franklin

A challenge-free life experience is something you wish for? I don’t think there was one single person who achieved that.

Focus on the solution, not the problem! Think in out-of-the-box ways to keep from being buried alive.

Failure is not permanent – remember that.

See a situation you found yourself into as unacceptable.

Your situation may be tough, but I can promise you that others have had far worse things to deal with.

When failure comes your way, you must believe that you matter and that you can overcome it.

It’s not just survival, it’s not just success, it is your obligation.

Think about it. If you’re not running into major challenges, you’re doing something wrong, you play soft, you do something easy, and probably not that valuable—and it’s probably not going to make much money for you. Not like money is the most important thing, but still…

Remember: there are no shortcuts, there’s no hack there are no sweat-less solutions.

You’re gonna have to work. And there’s always something to work on.

Why would you allow yourself to make easy excuse…

Give up before even started…

Quitting just like that…

Why would you allow that?


No one can beat this into you.

I won’t teach you this, no one can.

You have to have it before calling me.


I can’t teach you while you’re getting your ass kicked. Because you will quit, you will say “it’s too much”, you will call me crazy.

Once you really wanna become uncommon among the best people in the world – you can’t give yourself a way out!

A common individual will stay on point for a year (perhaps) and suddenly fall off – This is normal.

It’s that uncommon person that says I haven’t take a day off in 6 years – you don’t hear it very often.

And that’s how you start to separate yourself.

You don’t allow yourself to say “I went hard for a week and then I had a hard time going back to the topic”.

If you miss today, you will miss tommorow.

This is the reality.

I’ve people that watch my videos, read my blog and reach out to me and one of the biggest takeaways they took from my content is: actually putting things into action.

No matter what was the goal, the big dream of theirs…

They needed to make a move and I want you to know those people were not different than you and me.

They weren’t special, they weren’t high-level people, they were like most people we see on the streets, random faces in the crowd, they are just normal people – really.

But they are normal people who knew they need to make a change. And they decided they were going to make a change and then they made it. And that is what I do. And that is what you can do too. If you want something to change. Change it. Change it now.

The world will test you. The world will try to break you. But this is the moment when you go even deeper, harder! It’s the moment when you show the world what you are made of. Look forward to those moments. Don’t be surprised when they come. Enjoy them. Because this is when you really exercise your discipline. This is when you show it. It’s the moment you have been waiting for.

If things are going wrong – it doesn’t matter. Because you are on the path. Other than death – all failure is psychological. It’s in your head!

Ok… You will lose some battles, we all will. But as long as you keep going, you don’t give up, you don’t quit… then you haven’t failed. Re-attack. You get experience. You are still alive. You have memories to make, demons to beat. So get up and go get after it. Be obsessed. When the idea is not leaving your head – you not gonna give up when the time gets hard. Exceed the limits every day in everything you do.

How do you decide when it’s smarter to bail out than to keep paddling?

In this nice new world we want to hear nice things.

If someone says you are fat. You call him a hater. If someone says “you are just a little big” You will look away or make some sort of drama. It is what it is.

Don’t try to put bad things using nice words. We surround ourselves with people who make us feel good. Who tells us what we want to hear… The second we put ourselves among the uncommon people – we don’t like it. Am I right?

And that challenge, the feeling of waking up at 4 am and saying to yourself “hey, put your shoes on we going for a run” but you tell yourself “Hey, you know what? I don’t feel good today” and then you say “ok. Don’t worry it will be ok. We will try tomorrow”. We don’t want any motherfuckers saying “oh no bro. We going for a run. Get your shit together we are going now”. We would call him a dick.

This is all about quitting mind. Your mind gets softer. You give up on things. You give up on your dreams. You quit. You do this shit with everything in your life!

When the new year is coming up… guess what? You say no more. You start dreaming, you want to start all over again, but you quit within the first week of the new year!

Repetition every day, man! Stay hard, push forward. Don’t live the limited capability – you have so much potential! Don’t lose it because of quitting mindset!

Not today, tomorrow maybe, perhaps on Monday, next month, next year… until it never fucking happen! And then you complain it didn’t happen. Isn’t it sick? Don’t accept this shit.

What am I pretending not to see?

Be a chameleon. When a challenging opportunity comes along, take full advantage of it. Learn from it. Taking risks and making mistakes is the best way to learn something new.

Most of the time, you will… surprise yourself.

People either make a drama of their situation or are too lazy to make the effort of using their brains to look for solutions. But business is not rocket science! There’s so much on the internet.. do this, do that, you can, you can’t…I don’t give a shit! I don’t fucking care!

I found myself in hell because of believing that there are certain things I should and shouldn’t do.

Another book, another course, studies, coaches, consultations – more, MORE, more – all the time… in a rush!

Feeling I still don’t know enough, believing another golden strategy will change something – fucking nightmare!

Get out of your fucking head, stop overthinking! There are so many times in life when you feel like shit. You don’t know what the fuck you are doing. Remember this: business is not a fucking hobby, it’s not a fucking joke, it’s a lifestyle. There’s no single strategy that will keep you going. There’s no one who will jump from the sky to save you. There’s only you and the things you do.

Stay uncommon among common people. You’re never done, push forward every day. But on your terms, in your own fucking way. Don’t stop for people who want to prove you wrong, who want to discourage you, laugh at you, embarrass you. When I first started a business, I get some of the worst business advice of all time. That advice was…to blend in. Don’t stand out, do what others are doing, copy competitors. Make sure you fulfil all clients needs – they are the kings. And that mentality was exactly what kept me in the mediocre level – both in business and life.

I played the price war, cheaper and cheaper each time – because there’s not much when you play following other people’s rules. If you look around, the society right now… there’s a lot of motherfuckers who blend in.

Don’t follow the crowd! Don’t follow the competitors. Don’t follow any customer service standards.

Business is not rocket science. Don’t make It complicated. You have something you want to sell, you sell it and repeat that all over again. Don’t worry about the things that aren’t there yet.

Don’t let your mind fuck you.

Because you will be fucked.


Thinking takes energy and it shouldn’t be wasted dwelling on the wrong things.

Sometimes bluntness is necessary to make a point that isn’t being heard.

We lie to ourselves. We don’t tell ourselves the way the things really are. And when we do that – we can’t fix our problems. We blame others, we become pussies. We have to be truthful to ourselves. We have to be honest, stop rationalizing, stop making excuses, tell yourself the truth! So that you can get where you want to go. You can be who you wanna be – true, unflinching and unmitigated discipline. When you stop trying to find sweat less solution, when you allow no excuse – things will start to change. Stop lying to yourself! Go for it!

Always remember—some things are worth fighting for and some NOT.

Don’t get too attached to your ideas. Adjust, adapt, and take things in stride.

You will be attacked for trying to change anything, even yourself.

People come to me to get advice on how they can grow their business. I will give them a few ways to consider – ways that I know work well. Do you know what’s sad?

Year or two later I see those people and they didn’t do it. I hear: “life got in the way, “I was busy”, “I was travelling a lot”…

The quarantine time is funny though. The excuse that they have been busy went through the window

What’s more… I found that no matter how hard I try no matter how many arguments will I have people will say they understand me, they will agree with me and never implement what I said.

They didn’t feel it internally, they didn’t go over the fear internally, they can’t go over the self-doubt. So that they will never accomplish anything.

I learned that the hard way. If you want something – you must make it a top priority. Laser focus! Eyes on the ball!

I told myself I will live intentionally. I want to live like no one else. I want to be like no other human in the world. I can not handle not doing something. I know what is the price of this lifestyle and I’m ready to pay it.

I believe that unexpressed potential lead to pain.

I’m willing to be misunderstood and laugh at. I’m willing to be called “strange”, “weird”, “abnormal”. I’m misunderstood…

Why do you wake up so early?

Why do you run?

Why do you keep posting on social media?

Why do you reading so much?

People want the greatest success – they want it now – they want it yesterday. I’m in this small percentage (about 5% of the population) who understand the work and patience you need to put into something to receive desirable results. All the greatest people in sport, science, business have one thing in common: long hours of practice for several years.

I wasn’t this person from the day one, but I realized that you cannot focus on the expectations of the society because these are basically based on erroneous assumptions (expectations, wishful thinking, emotional view of the reality).

You can even say more … the more of us (in expectations, strikes, internet), the greater the probability of error (sheep rush). Our decisions are largely based on dislikes and likes, the so-called affect heuristic. We rely on cognitive ease listening to someone and taking all of what he/she says as truth. In the end, we become “blind”, or rather, extremely fixed on our beliefs that we reject anything that might destroy it.

Mental laziness is deeply embedded in our nature. It’s just easier that way. How many times did I tell you that people are lazy from nature? I still will remind it.

So what to do and how? You should ask or not? should you do anything to please society, or should you do everything in your own way?

And in the end, maybe we’re all right?

This is preannouncement of my new book – “FRANCZAK IT! – uncomfortable insights for comfortable business and life”. I decided to share a short piece with you believing that you will decide to support my mission and buy it. The book is available in pre-sell in infuture.fashion store.

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