3 business tips that others are afraid to talk about

Because they …
Because that’s how it turned out …
Because the client, because the market, because of the boss …

Everything changes when the first person singular turns on.

It’s me – did not foresee, foresaw, said or did not say.

This is so far from feeling guilty, I warn you.

Guilt and responsibility lie on completely different shelves.

Responsibility, or rather taking responsibility, lies on the same shelf as the sense of freedom. Taking responsibility for yourself makes you free.

What are 3 business tips that others are afraid to talk about?

  1. Happiness – even if you thin out the process of any successful entrepreneur in 100%, if you are unlucky, your business may not achieve any kind of success at all.
  2. Sport – people who train regularly are also very disciplined in business. Many entrepreneurs I know regularly engage in some sort of physical activity.
  3. Contacts – the inability to build relationships and the lack of proper contacts significantly slows down business development. However, not everyone can learn it – this is a broader topic.

Everyone cheats, lies .. everyone does it so that he is not the one to blame. Even if they don’t admit it, they doing it.

There are many flatterers and cheap sellers, real consultants – not many. Sad, but true.

I’m not a fan of staged actions.
Prepared formulas.
Cloning others.
Matching people.

Is there something wrong with me?

Can I say that I am fully “clean”?


I can’t.

I guess… it’s so called LIFE.

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