How not to create content for your brand

Having trouble creating content for your brand!?

No community is created…
People don’t share, don’t comment …
Generally COLD.

Okay, this is what I see on the market. Most “average” fashion entrepreneurs use one of these options.

Option 1:
They copy from others.

They sit down with a coffee, watch what Mrs Anna from the neighbouring boutique is doing and they do something… similarly (more often the same thing!). They only lower the price to make it more attractive. Stupidy!

Option 2:
They have given their marketing to the cheapest agency that they could find on the market. They Google “cheap marketing agency”. Or even better they chose a freelancer who called them and caught their attention with the price. CHEAP DOES NOT DO MIRACLES!

Option 3:
They act on huck, speaking without thinking.

Instead of asking what the customer wants and showing the value. Saying what he will feel, what his relationships will be and how he will think about himself, you… describe your product. At best: you come with the fancy name of the product and say briefly what they (these products or services) will do.
You’ll never build interest that way. If you sell 1-1 like this, I feel sorry for you.

You will create lots of good content when you decide what you do, what you don’t do, who do you serve. And you stop overthinking and making things perfect.

There are so many options just in front of you.

Wanna talk about it? Consulting sessions are available.

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