Myths about trends

1.Trends are spotted

Ingredients for trends can be spotted and then curated to trends. But the trend itself is a more complex matter.

2. Trends are predicted by industry experts

Trend curators are curious, thoughtful and mindful of the trends. They observe and find ways to describe ideas that connect the dots in an understandable plausible way. But no one can predict what really is gonna happen. There’s no guarantee either.

3. Trends are based on ‘hard’ data

Although we all want strong arguments (read: numbers) behind our ideas – it’s not possible to have them for trends. Sometimes research data can be less valuable than excellent observation. I would say that the perfect solution is to observe and research at once. There are sources available on the internet that guide us through some numbers at the same time we should be aware of things around us. Analyse, choose, implement.

4. Trends only last for a short time

Great trends elaborate on development as it is happening. For many, it takes years to develop.

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