“I am not a business person”

“I am not a business person”, “I can’t be a business owner” – is that what you tell yourself? I met many talented people saying it. And I’m here to tell you that I didn’t see myself as a ‘business person’ too.

For a long time, I felt I can’t be in business,

neither consults businesses.

I didn’t believe in myself.

Who’s gonna talk to me?!

They will see me too young, too smiley, too positive…

People won’t respect me, they will think I’m easy, I don’t have enough experience…

But everything has changed.

I started thinking in a different way.

I’m gonna be good at this because no one will see me coming.

I look like an angel so no one would think about me coming after them.

People underestimate me and this is a positive thing!

They take off the grid thinking I’m easy. And there is where the beast wakes up in me.

Before I thought no one will respect me.

Now I think that this does not matter.

I understand that respect is not something you can force.

There are certain little things I can use to show people that I’m in charge.

Rather than telling it!

A small example: your boss is coming to you saying “I’m the boss” what do you think?

Did he just lose his authority?

Didn’t you know he is the boss before?

Less talking, more showing!


How you carry yourself?

How you walk in?

How do you speak?

How you project your voice?

All of that has a big impact.

All of that can show your power, it can also take the power from you.

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