Impact of COVID-19 outbreak on new trends, innovation and growth

Impact of COVID-19 outbreak on new business trends, a need for innovation and online growth.

What we experience now I would call project management and productivity game change.

Time management reached a completely new level. Calendar apps never were more needed. Many people, mostly those who never worked remotely, complain about the effectiveness of their home-office work.

Now during the pandemic, conversations go online. So all the online conferences tool get hype and many are overload what causes technical problems that never appear before.

Team management becomes a serious task to complete too. All the business owners, managers try to find this perfect way to manage their team online.

The market is full of software that helps to oversee the remote team. It helps managers and employers look at their teammates’ individual workloads and time clocks.

It is heard that some companies liked remote working so much that they will continue it after COVID.

We can also see next-level project management. A pandemic could stop the office but the business is on. There are projects to complete, plans to fulfil and goals to achieve.

Plus, customer relationship management reached a new level too. Livestreams, ebooks, podcasts – brands do what necessary to get people to remember them. It was not that much about the offerings itself, more about educating customers and building relationships with them. So when everything will be back to normal (the new normal) they can collect the money as usual. There’s also a big number of businesses which decided to collect new leads, databases to use in future.

There are also smaller trends I would not necessarily speak on. They do nothing good for the market. For example, people use COVID to beg for sales, or they wait for money from the government. But let’s keep it positive and say no more about the bad impact that COVID gets on businesses and the world.

What trends did you notice?

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