The innovation behind the 4-hour workweek

The 4-Hour workweek methodology begun with Tim Ferris book. This idea supposed to serve entrepreneurs but 4-hour week for employees – that’s something new.

Forbes 30 Under 30 member Travis Chambers introduced the 4-day workweek to his employees at Chamber Media. He beliefs that it would be beneficial to the people and it will increase happiness in the team. “We can pay people more, have more cool stuff in the office, have big parties and perks, but the thing most businesses can never give is time” Chambers explains. And it really gets me. Look at the latest job offers, everywhere the same benefits, but no one offers what we value the most – time. An employee sitting in front of computer fife days a week, 9-5 – won’t be effective. Research says that everyone is effective for the first few hours, other source says minutes. As crazy at it may sound, think about it. Observe your office and share your insights in the comments.

So, we have a 4-day workweek… The idea is to make people more inspired, creative, productive, and loyal long term. I believe that more people will follow this lead as every business owner is looking to maximize employee potential and attract and retain top talent. Latest trends research agrees on that. The society is changing. Take notes on that.

Moreover, everyone is required to take at least three days off a month or even more! Getting fired for not going on vacation? As impossible it may sound Travis Chambers seems to be serious about it.

Read the article about Travis on Forbes: LINK

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