: We help brands innovate

We see what many business owners don’t – the gaps, blind spots, trends, and white spaces. Those ‘right under your nose’ possibilities and ‘never thought about it like that’ true game-changers. We see the stories, perspectives, angles and opportunities. The ways in and out. The tiny tweak that makes big difference. Insight, design and storytelling. For fashion brands big and small.


Educating and sharing. Demonstrating the dynamic trends in the world, sharing ideas and tips with you and your team. Follow


Brainstorming concrete. We help you achieve a breakthrough in just a few days. We reframe challenges and lead to actionable innovation.


Inspire and Inform. From teams discussions to keynote speeches, our approach makes complex innovation issues easy to solve.


Made to measure. We give your teams direction by providing robust analysis and advice. Our experience combines with insights support future planning.


Insights to touch. Whether you hiking with us in Sicily or visiting Dubai Expo, our curated tours give you an understanding of the key issues in customer behaviour and immerse you in cutting edge business.


Custom made. Our ongoing support builds and maintains an ongoing culture of innovation. We manage a combination of services and develop a dynamic relationship with your brand.


  • Physical Retail
  • Omnichannel
  • E-commerce
  • Digital innovation
  • Creative packaging
  • Retail design
  • Brand communication
  • Social media


Whether you focus on customer experience, sales, e-commerce or just packaging, you need to innovate. You need to be a leader, making customer’s lives easier and their experience with your brand more engaging. will help your business innovate and lead in a competitive marketplace.

We often hear:

I don’t have time’s workshops can be as short as an afternoon. It’s enough to help your team break free from their usual thinking processes. With the outcome of actionable concepts, it is time well spent.

All our ideas seem predictable

We use a wide, global, cross-category perspective to reframe popular problems. inspires you to think differently with the latest insights and creativity, new perspectives and the unexpected turns.

I want my teams to rediscover their enthusiasm and creativity”’s presentations bring multiple markets and teams together. Our content shows possibilities and potential as well as open participants for open discussion. Attendees leave inspired to start new projects and elevate existing ones.

My team just focuses on our competitors shows you relevant trends and innovations outside of your immediate industry. Seeing your customer in a broader context will help to identify what’s missing from your current strategy.

I want staff to think like consumers,but also like executives

Our masterminding trips give you real-world insights. Exercises put your team in your customer’s and business owner’s shoes. By experiencing different behaviours and innovations themselves, they get knowledge on what really motivates consumers to buy and what makes the business grow.

Let’s talk if…

You’re a fashion brand with big plans to shake up the market. A publication or media seeking opinion from the front line. A creative or project handler with the talent to burn.

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