Slow down to speed up – time management story

Time for what is most important never will be found on its own.
You have to “make” it yourself.

Having a business is freedom, they said…
Good joke, right?

When it does not grow – you have to row to have something to live on.
When it grows – you have to row so that you don’t get covered by the tide.

For team it looks like this: if we are not running strategy sessions with the client’s team, we organize the next development trip, endless calls, e-mails, and current fires that need to be taken care of.
Everything important, urgent, for yesterday.
The customer is waiting.

Our time management is not ideal. We make mistakes organizing our work. For example, one day, when we talked to one of the groups about the pitfalls of task management and showed them a slide that said that you can know all the motivation techniques, but the most important thing in team management is to have time for your people, we experienced – no, not a glare – we experienced a moment of shame.

We push such wisdom on people here, and we act completely differently. Congratulations, we have become another bullshit consulting company on the market!

To get the innovation you must be open to people. To be open you must have time for them. Running around like headless chicken won’t make you thrive.

When was the last time you had time to really relax one-on-one with the members of your team? In the middle of last year?

We don’t like bullshit so we sat down in front of the computer and mercilessly cut or postponed whatever we could from our calendar and to-do lists.

It was a long and painful process. What did we get as a result? Time for the best-ever series of one-on-one meetings. There was time to prepare, to conduct the conversation calmly, to summarize and plan the activities that resulted from it.

No need to hurry. It may appear weird but after all, after slowing down, we become more effective at our work and finished the project before time.

Time for what is most important never will be found on its own.
You have to “make” it yourself.

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