It takes some REAL people to understand that

Idealist Culture will tell you that EVERYONE is special, deserving, and will live an unbelievably interesting, fulfilling life. Champagne and roses for all.

Realist Culture proves with the statistical FACT that while as nice as those things sound….the truth is something very different. Who is the first to throw the stone? Just kidding.

In this difference lies the true problems not only personally…but in society.

While idealistic people make decisions & take action on how things SHOULD be…and get mad about the results. Realists take the world for what it actually is. They make decisions and take action based on the facts because they know and understand that’s the only way to create a better world in REALITY.

The truth isn’t very popular…which is why it’s so important.

We as a society are being manipulated.
Factual news is nearly impossible to find.
While propaganda intended to mold, manipulate and intentionally misinform is the norm.
It really is.

We have a mob mentality: If people don’t agree they are the enemy…” let’s get them… let’s ruin them”.
That’s wrong.

Why do we laugh at the truth in a comedy show but then fight about the same thing in everyday situations?

Stop for a sec. Think a little bit.
We are ALL here together.
We are all very similar and yet very different.
…and guess what…most of us want most of the same things.

We want to be happy.
We want to do well in life.
We want the world to be better…

Its time to let go of having to “be right”
…and start thinking about “what’s right”.

If we want change.
We have to change.
Our tools may change.
Our approach may change.
Our path may change.

But the mission never will.

Thank you for all the support over these past few years…I’m ready for the next level.

Thank you for seeking the truth.
Thank you for having a sense of humor.
Those two elements: Humor & Truth have the ability to change the world.
It’s what I strongly believe in.

…but it takes some REAL people to understand that.

So, Thank you for being #franczakhard and staying while my mind fog from time to time.

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