Be your own objective observer

“In our journey in life, we most often allow ourselves to be guided by impressions and feelings (…) and an objective observer is able to notice our mistakes more often than ourselves.”

The moment you begin to be your own objective observer… you have to disappear for a while to have time to understand it.

So I did… and I thought.

How about you? Can you understand yourself?

It is not easy.

We know how to deceive ourselves so much that finding the truth about ourselves is too hard/complicated (you name it!). We are great at finding excuses, arguments and explanations.

My transformation was painful and on the beginning even destructive. Suddenly my understanding of reality/world/people was turned upside down.

But if you ask me:
Can we live differently? Can we run a business, sell, market differently?

YES! We definitely can! But how?

Let’s leave it for the next story.

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