Jeff Bezos inspired business mindset

Every day is the first day.
Every day is a new start.
Every day is a fresh start.


Do you remember your first day in business? A day when you started your company?

How inspired, motivated and determined you were? I’m sure you were so energized and focused.

And that’s why you should treat your every day as the first day.

Many people want you to treat each day as the last day but isn’t it depressing? Your mind instantly goes to negative aspects. Death? Who the hell wants to think about it every single day?

I’m sure you know what I mean. And you would absolutely appreciate a competitive idea.

Jeff Bezos isn’t the perfect authority to me. But this one idea he gets right. And I’m sure he recognized this idea potential because he talks about it at every single speech he gets. For me, it started to be boring to listen to him. Doesn’t he get any other ideas? I feel like his (and many other experts) speech is always the same. It covers the same topic, uses the same phrases and ideas. Is it only me seeing that?

Anyway, I wanted to share this quick ‘Jeff Bezos’ tip with you. Did you find it useful?

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