Creativity as a force for change

We are great at searching the how-to articles and read about new strategies. We are good with doing what everybody else is doing. It’s working for them so why the hell not? I know. Less risk, more comfort.

But you know me, I just can’t stand normality and following the guides. I must do what no one is doing – disrupt the world. And btw I’m getting results – great results. I see creativity as a force for change. I want to create fashion history, I won’t achieve that doing what everybody else is doing – just see all those people we learn about at history class, each one of them did something disruptive. Many were called crazy at the time but in the end they achieved what billions of people don’t. I’m always brainstorming. I want to do things differently, improve, transform, shake the normality.

I believe that if you want to force the change in the market, industry or world – you need to get your creativity in place. I know, it’s extremely hard to come with something uncommon. Nowadays it looks like everything is already done. But it is not, believe me. Another challenge comes with the execution of the right ideas. Because we are so into new shinny objects (read: ideas), that we can’t decide which one implement (filter ideas by emotions or deep market analysis?)… there’s no one solution that fits all. We can go on and on with challenges, problems, excuses. With creativity, trends, innovation – nothing is guaranteed. But if you look closely – nothing is. Even those how-to tips implementation can not give us the desired results. So why not to use creativity? What bad can happen?

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