Lessons from Fredrik Eklund – Steps for bursting out of your shell

Fredrik Eklund become my big inspiration since reading “The Sell”. Below I want to share with you a few lessons from the book – 7 steps on how to burst out of your shell. I found them really helpful for running infuture.fashion and my personal profiles across social media.

Look inside – how would you describe yourself? Do you have an interesting talent? Do you play any sport? Show it off. What makes you weird? What’s unique about you?

Find your trademark – Louboutin has his red sole what do you have? You need it. It will make you memorable. Don’t mind looking silly.

Get over what people think – you can fool everyone but never fool yourself. Be true to yourself. Those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind doesn’t matter. What I find out is that people don’t really have time to think about you, they are so into their own shit. People from nature are selfish.

Know what’s turn you on – what makes you smile? What do you dream of? If I wake you up in the middle of the night and shake you, I want you to scream out precisely what drives you. What are you working hard for?

Embrace failure – the more open you are about your failures and insecurities, the more love you get.

Be patient – things will not work perfectly from day one. Give yourself time.

Take chances – playing safe won’t get you anywhere. Your business expands in direct proportion to the fun you have and the adventures you take.

Did you read “The Sell” written by Fredrik Eklund?

What’s your favourite book?

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