Winning mindset blueprint

why people are negative?
Because it’s easier!
It’s much easier to be grumpy,
have bad attitude.
There’s a lot going on in everybody’s life.
For me – sometimes it’s insane…
phone calls, emails, meetings, updates, few projects at once.
Back to home, back to work, ongoing circle!
Everyone want’s me now,
there are deals to close,
information to send,
things to update, design,
complete chaos you may say.
This stuff creates a feeling of overwhelm,
I feel (sometimes) a little stuck in it.
It’s important to remember that the key to success is a positive winning mindset.
If I will agree on negativity to take me over,
there will be a burnout!
No one wants burnout, right?
So, there are small things I’m doing and you can do too.
Starting the day with the list of things you are grateful for,
surrounding yourself with positive people,
organizing the tasks,
thinking time scheduled…

Which window do you decide to look at?
You are in the car…
horrible traffic,
you look through one window – the big car is hiding the view…
you look through the other side window – a beautiful sunset!
Which window do you decide to look at?
Will you be pissed off on the traffic, or the car hiding you the view or… you will breath deeply looking at the sunset?
You decide.
If you experience a negative situation don’t think about what people do to you, think about what you could have done differently to change the outcome.
You can’t control what other person does but you can fully control yourself.
If you get emotional, go away. Don’t send a negative message, don’t get on the phone. Let the bad energy to pass. You will get your strategies and tactics in place. You will calculate and respond accurately. Don’t let your brain stuck in replaying the story. Do something that disrupts your anger, fear or any negativity. It can be an activity or environment (location) change. Going for a run works well for me, you can try for yourself.
Remember: you decide to be happy
or unhappy…

Winning mindset is a choice. You decide.

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