My message for innovators

You are a fashion innovator. You want to create the unknown. That’s a huge responsibility. The pressure and expectations are raising up. No one seems to understand your vision. You creating greatness from nothing. You feel overwhelmed and stressed. You can hardly see any results. You keep wondering if going for such a big vision was the right decision. Maybe the market is not ready? Maybe people don’t want that? Maybe you are not good for that?

Soon enough you putting off, you start losing yourself in new information, amazing strategies that suppose to give you success. It becomes your obsession. You forgetting what your vision is and losing your mind, you keep reacting on all the information world is giving you.

If you reached the success you may recognise that that was not your vision. You had something different in mind but well… life happened and now it’s done.

What if the scenario would be different? What if there would be someone who has your biggest interest in mind? Who want’s your success so badly and will have your back no matter what?

What if this person will keep you accountable and make sure that you follow your vision? Would this be easier?

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