Online communication – level expert

Online communication reached a new level.
Communication is the key. Truth.
But I get messages that just amazed me.

Below my consideration:

  1. People, I’m not interested in the story of your life. I respect who you are, what you did but our time is limited. I need a specific case. What is your problem?
  2. Don’t use the victim’s language. “I’m sorry I’m writing, I’m taking your valuable time or I’m sorry, I’ll be quick, I don’t want to waste your time” FYI you wasting my time just by doing it. Straight to the point, please.
  3. A big no for unuseful diplomacy. Many of you are trying too hard while writing messages. You don’t need to use eloquent words, lengthening sentences by sticking to grammar rules. In nutshell, please. Keep it simple.
  4. No formatting is killing me. A long, plain text… I don’t have time for it, I often don’t understand what you mean because you making it more complicated than it actually is.
  5. A lack of clarity of the message is a big problem. I get messages that I read carefully a few times and have no clue what is the problem.
  6. Meet the repeatable nonsense “I watch all your materials but tell me how to start my own business”. There are questions I answered a million times. Have a look on my website, YouTube Channel before asking something so common.
  7. Questions from the hat like “how old are you”, “how much do you earn”, “do you have children”, “what do you do at the free time” – why you need this information?
  8. Inviting to cooperation focusing on your own interest won’t work with me. WIN-WIN.
  9. Pitching me to buy from you. A few days ago I get DM on Instagram “If you start working with me, you will have a life just like me – see the profile pictures” and I see Ferrari, luxury hotels and exotic destinations… and a teenage boy that pretends to be cool by materialistic stuff and have nothing clever to say. Rich kids syndrome. No thanks.

What do you think about it? Am I the only one seeing the problem with online communication?

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