The truth about social media posts

– Do you see this post?

– I see. And what?

– You started reading. Cool. What will you do next?

– Well, I’m still reading.

– Extra. And how will I see that you have read?

– You won’t know it!

– Exactly. Unless you comment or shar it.

– Well, it makes sense. But I won’t do it.

– I bet.

And it’s not only about social media post.

We are writing a post. Where do we start? From coming up with the subject of the post. We wonder what will interest our audience and how to put it in words that will give value.

Then we create a post and choose some graphic creation. You know that graphics are a big part of success, so you try to find the perfect one.

You publish the material at (as “how-to” article says) the best time and…

…. you wait.

You are waiting for feedback. You are waiting for likes, comments. You check the statistics and telling yourself: they should comment or at least like it.

Finally!!! The first person likes it. It will be fine!

You collect over a dozen, maybe several dozen, several hundred activities under a post.

You are glad that people react positively to what you publish, that they give you these likes in gratitude.

You browse the internet and see someone doing something in public that is hard to write about in the post.

You see thousands of reactions under his / her post.

Where is justice here – you ask?

You know what? Honestly, I often wonder where it comes from, that people prefer to react, engage in discussions, spread and observe things that are negative in our opinion, do not bring anything positive or valuable. At the same time, it’s hard to get such interest when you do something thoughtful, helpful.

Let it be clear. I’m not just talking about my social media- I’m happy with how many of you respond positively to my posts and video materials.

However, it is surprising to me that when I publish something personal – photo of me or my travelling memories, there are more likes without promotion than with my educational posts with promotion 🙂

Also, look at other pages, look at yours and see how many people respond under posts that actually have some value.

Over the years of online activity, I’ve learned that it’s harder to break through knowledge, value than – I’m not sorry – stupidity.

But I also know one more thing. I’m not going to change it. The way of content marketing, building a cool community, providing knowledge and solutions is for me a perfect combination with a job that I just love. I hope you have the same 🙂

I seriously published it?

Would you share it?

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