Tough-minded motivation

I don’t want to encourage/motivate ppl.

I want to tell them the truth.

Something that no one dares to tell them face2face but they say everybody else about it.

I’m not here to drag anyone.

Do I value my customers YES!

But not everyone is my Client.

I’m not for wait-watchers, quick fix or bargain searchers,

they won’t find results in my service,

and what would it say about me and my company?

I have people coming to me saying I watched your video and I love what you said,

people think that my direct language is for entertainment.

It’s funny to watch my videos

until you realise you are the fat ass I talk about.

When you are faced with the truths of your own business and life…

It’s not an easy pill to swallow.

But necessary.

I believe that tough-minded management is needed as never before.
To achieve this we need to blast this soft, sweet and unrealistic motivational BS we see everywhere.

Over the years I have consulted hundreds of executives of all kinds. And you know what?

I found out that there is a discernible difference in the value system of those who were kind of successful and those who were unusually successful.

The first type focused on what to do.
The second on what to be, and only secondarily on what to do.

Nowadays, you won’t grow listening to the motivational fluff, full of pity.

More often people know what to do. They fail on the personal strength to push through.

What do you think about it?

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