Narcissists, shame and provocative program

Narcissists have always emerged to inspire people and to shape the future.

We saw those people in the military, religious movements, and political arenas.

Napoléon Bonaparte, Mahatma Gandhi, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt – they were narcissts.

And we are all somewhat narcissistic.

We must be.

In today’s society, it is something we neglect. And if you analyse the history, you will see that there’s the reason for that. Imagine a world where everyone feels freed – it would be total chaos. It is a sad truth.

We desire a world when everyone can do whatever he wants. But often I see that some people are just not made to be liberated and free. And that’s ok. We all have some roles to fill up in this show, called life.

But I want to give everyone the opportunity to see a different perspective on life.

Taste it, perhaps.

And make your own mind.

That’s why I created the provocative program.

It’s not common knowledge, opinion.

My lawyer said it’s dangerous at times.

And I can promise you absolutely… nothing.

But if you imagine a different life for yourself,

you miss the butterflies in your stomach,

sparks in your eyes – maybe it is a time to wider the horizons,

try a new perspective,

gain the big picture with my program.

You know the feeling when you set a new goal and you are so excited that suddenly you feel a shudder across your body?

It appears like you finally have some fresh air in your lungs and you feel so powerful!

I know it takes just seconds before your mind starts to take you out of this danger but well…

those seconds are worth it.

The provocative program mainly deals with the pandemic of shame.

I talk about low self-esteem, and lack of self-confidence, addictions, anxiety and isolation, perfectionism, oversensitivity, passive attitude and lack of motivation.

And know this… the only thing you should be ashamed of is not buying my product yet. Luckily it is easy to remedy.


it is your responsibility to protect your rights,

take matters into your own hands,

stop belittling yourself and pretend you don’t exist!

Say and do what leads you to your goal,

set boundaries and don’t let others or yourself exceed them.

Want to have the provocative program?

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