Want to feel secure?

„I want to feel secure, make a good living, send the kids to a great school, and take some nice vacations.” ⁠


“I want to make the most money I can, own cars, have a nice home, and belong to a good well-known society group.”⁠

People have lost ambition and interest.⁠

Know this: people simply cannot fulfil their potential if they lack worthwhile personal goals, and they cannot make the optimum contribution to the company’s goals if they fail to know them and identify their own with them—and, consequently, fill their days with bustle and activity for the sake of a paycheck.⁠

The vital life starts when the whole person is challenged.⁠

The motivational climate nowadays is focused sorely on few old quotes. The word “security” has become increasingly popular in 2020+ (pandemics…)⁠

But how many of these people appear to be really happy with their role in life and their image of themselves?⁠

Does security only apply to finances?⁠

No! emotional security matters too. ⁠

Self-confidence, self-knowledge, and an awareness of what you stand for will do much to insure it.⁠

What do you think?⁠

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