The next money can make no difference

YOU OVERSPEND MONEY, even if you sell more!⁠

When the numbers are down, it’s easiest to blame others, especially the sales department… but increasing sales is rarely a cure for improving the company’s financial situation!⁠

You just think you have a problem with the SALE!⁠

You have to go a lot deeper, Boss.⁠

To yourself! Because you are the source, cause and effect of what is happening in your business.⁠

No tricks will help, but the facts…. will DO.⁠

When problems begin, the next money will not make much difference, and the sale may become a source of further obligations.⁠

You have to start with yourself!⁠

See with an objective eye what is really causing the problem.⁠

The NEXT sale is just a quick fix, it will help but only for a while. It will cover the source with dust for a while, but it often comes back with double power!⁠

Self-deception and the mechanisms that govern it are the main tenets of cognitive science… once you learn them, you can start diving deeper into the real causes of the problem.⁠

Sometimes you have to stop for a while and take a side observer who is not involved in your company’s patterns.⁠

He will tell you, and you will gladly pay him for it, although later you will hate him… but only until you understand that he told you what no one else dares, he showed you what you did not see, or rather you covered it, because it was easier.⁠

When do you start? ⁠

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