When situation is tough do this

I get it.

The situation you are in must result from something, but …

Who was supposed to teach you business?

Father? Who hid his mistakes from the whole world and lived in completely different times? And maybe even didn’t have a business at all?

School? That taught you a theory that… well… had little to do with the reality?

Friends? Who dreamed about it, but went for a full-time job?

Or maybe someone else?

You probably were blinded by the dream of success at the beginning, and you had no problems – I mean, you just didn’t see them.

Then you were too proud to listen to other experts in a given field, because “what can they know, I know everything about my company”.

Later, you were too tired and when you finally get an idea… the adrenaline injection lasted only for a moment. And you gave up before making any move.

Talk to someone who has taken advantage of a stranger (consultant, coach, expert, advisor), and ask about experiences.

Hide your ego. Talk about your problems.

Go to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or lawyer if you need to.

Finally, call someone who has been through it, is alive and will get you out of these problems.

I don’t know yet if I can be that person but I’m happy to talk to you.

Remember, there are no spells, there will be consequences, there is work to do but… action is the best and the only thing that can save you.

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