Shooting truth messages

I am often made aware of the fact that many people can’t handle my approach and they refuse to listen or read what I say because they assume it’s all about bullying your way to the top.

I will not show you how to succeed at others’ expense. I guide you on how to defend yourself against today’s sick society and the world’s biggest treasures, that cost you health, money or even life.

I do not represent the way I (or anybody else) wish the world to be, not the way it appears to be either – but what it actually is. You either acknowledge reality and use it to your own benefit, or it will work against you ( note: it already is!).

Most people choose the world of delusions. They stubbornly refuse to accept the unforgiving realities no matter how great is the evidence. And for a long time, I have been thinking: why?  The conclusion is simple: truth is often painful, and people simply do not like pain.

My content is not suitable for those with a weak stomach. And if you have some sharp objects within easy reach put them away. Illusions created in many motivational and personal-development books at the moment can be uplifting, but then you fall miserably. And when these face-to-face confrontations occur – you may be frustrated, confused and make damn stupid decisions way too quickly. So breathe deeply and read/listen carefully. My intention is to make you stronger.

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