A ridiculously simple business tip that helps you thrive

Know this.

Tricks in business won’t work.

I believe we all just need some basic skills.

Yes, I know that we are bombarded by all kinds of experts

who claim that their magic trick, golden key, ABC strategy will work.

Why do people have so much trouble with running a business, making money?

For years we have been listening that there are right processes, systems, models…

It’s so overwhelming!

We have been told that we need to say certain things, in a certain way,

or avoid some words, follow up the exact number of times, stick to a defined routine,

to sell, to successfully negotiate, to thrive.

Certain posture, following the moves of person we talk to…

You try to become them.

Missing the part of who you are, and what you’ve got.

You may be able to close a client

but it will never bring loyalty to the table.

The truth is we don’t need those tricks.

This brings only drama to the organization.

And we don’t need drama,

we want results.

And those results are hidden in some simple things.

Including asking right questions,

listening to the customer,

agreeing with the customer,

being transparent and honest.

Is that rocket science?

Hell no!

But you need skills,

you need to practice.

You choose the path.

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