When every Monday is blue Monday

Monday, and from yesterday evening you have had enough of just thinking about your company …

This is how it begins – the new year, new month, new week… nothing new but torture.

It is impossible to turn back time, decisions already made and all their consequences.

And you think that, basically, there is nothing else, but just the drama that you experience on a daily basis.

And as I recall my clients, they were united by exactly that – the lack of an idea, and thinking about its creation took all their energy, and so they were stuck in helplessness and hopelessness – HELL.

Only a small injection of adrenaline allowed them to survive, sometimes the children, wife, family, other times the obligations, credits, and … SHAME.

They were smashed from the inside, so they keep going or rather keep crawling on the ground.

However blunt truth is: you are the source, cause, and effect of what is happening to your life and, by the way, to your business.

When you are sick, you go to the doctor, when everything around you is falling apart, then those who know me say “take a Franczak on board”.

You don’t have to take me, there are many who can rationally, without hesitation, often drastically… cut you off from your problems and BS.

But it generally means giving someone power, for a while, for a moment to make tough decisions – for your own good.

You have to stop.

It is worth resting. Lie down when you fell, lie down for a moment, and then get up.

A break gives you time… for internal accounting of what is important, what matters… to YOU.

In problems, it is difficult to see a solution, because the fight for life overshadows everything…

Do you know that feeling?

Happy Monday!
Maybe this is the Monday when you will take a break?
And let someone take the lead FOR you?

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