Living the world I don’t understand

The omnipresent need for exposure, showing your suffering and seeking applause and acceptance of the group. Public “working through” the traumas and feeling sorry for yourself became a goal in itself.

We live in crazy times of “transparency” and “authenticity”. People boast about their “hard” work, full calendars while having time for their hundredth insta story.

Today I would like to share three of the most important insights:
– Being a decent person doesn’t translate to being a successful entrepreneur.
– If you abhor getting your hands dirty, stay away from leadership roles.
– Being active on Instagram at all times doesn’t translate to profit.

I am often judged by others (everyone is!). Recently, due to my reels on Instagram, Q&A sessions and blog posts, a group of people tried to lynch me.

Well, yes, because THEY would never hurt anyone, disturb anything, call people names, compromise and require others to stick to their standards.

THEY would do it all in this new sinless way, always win-win, stay nice and happy at all times, help everyone, save the world and beg for leftovers.

“Show me a happy man and I will show you a man who is getting nothing accomplished in this world.” – Rich COHEN

Explaining. Making excuses.

This is nothing but giving your power over to others.

That’s why I don’t do it.

Although others expect it.

You, perhaps?

I don’t know why some people are so passionate about my statements, spending hours to read/hear my message while taking every chance to deny everything I say. Such an efficient way to spend time, right?

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