Any delusion you like

I feel… I was born for extremes. I’m running away from the system. I don’t follow somebody else’s rules, or ‘the industry’.

It’s not ideal, though. It’s pretty damn rare but on occasion, I still have times where I step outside my own values and rules. When I’m telling myself I don’t want to live… so damn hard! Ehh..

Because it’s not easy when you are surrounded by the people who don’t get it, and hate, tear down, get rage about whatever the hell I say – literally anything can be a topic.

People call me aggressive. I can’t count the times people message me saying that what I do over the internet is unprofessional, inappropriate or – rude.

Well, I need to roll with it.

There’s always a lesson.

And you can’t make everyone happy.

And I don’t want to encourage people either.

When I try to be more “nice” and step outside my authentic self, I end up as a motivational ass licking slave.

I’m not a freaking Willy Wonka, to put sugar into everything I do.

⁠I want to tell people my truth.⁠

Something that no one dares to tell them face2face but say everybody else about it.⁠

I’m not here to drag anyone.⁠

Do I value my customers – YES!!⁠

But not everyone is my client.⁠

I’m not for wait-watchers, quick fix or bargain searchers.⁠

They won’t find results in my service.⁠

Anddd… what would it say about my company?⁠

I have people coming to me saying I watched your video and I love what you said.⁠

People think that my direct language is for entertainment…⁠

It’s funny to watch my videos, until…⁠

… you realise YOU are the fat ass I talk about.⁠

When you are faced with the truths of your own business and life…⁠

Well, let me say it kindly – it’s not an easy pill to swallow!

My today message is: YOU can convince yourself IN or OUT of any delusion you like.

Your choice.

Choose wisely.

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