Be my Valentine

Any resemblance to actual events or songs

…or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental 😉

It’s not a topic I often take on but you know me…

I just can’t stay quiet while watching it.

People! Women (to be exact)!

Not every partner we leave or who leaves us is toxic.

There’s a new trend going on.

Where everyone is called toxic.

Because of the breakup??

Does it make you feel better, girl?!

I believe that you can love someone and leave.

If the relationship doesn’t work…

for any reason…

It’s ok to say bye!

No matter how long you have been together

Or what commitments do you have in common.

Relationships of convenience are parasitic mode, vegetation…

if that’s something that drives you – go for it! Otherwise don’t.

I want to activate your thinking,

stimulate to analysis,

even if it provokes you…

Know this:

I wish you had a nice life…



full of love,


I wish that you lacked nothing.

I wish you have no troubles at all.

But all this is just wishful thinking…


the world doesn’t operate that way.

Girl, yes can buy yourself flowers
write your name in the sand
talk to yourself for hours

but don’t spread this feministic BS!

You think you do something good for the world but really you just making things worse.

You can’t exist as a lonely island.

You need a man.

And not every man who dumps you is arrogant, narcissistic, have trust issues or low self-worth, needs therapy…

if you wonder why he is cheating,

look what you did,

also go back to biology classes

and learn a little bit about psychology…

But not from today’s internet-famous psychology, coaching, relationship experts…

Cheating is not ok. But divorce is ok. Breaking up is ok. Starting over is ok.

There are men who do shitty things and women do it too.

And a few more words about so popular concepts of feminism, girl power and so on.

If feminism is so cool why so many woman is unhappy?

Mad, complaining,

with THE attitude,

stressed out,


Women are losing their minds trying to stay strong and do everything on their own.

You shouldn’t tolerate bad behaviour?

If quitting is your hobby – don’t tolerate anything.

Quit, quit and quit!!

But don’t do a pity party later.

I see that girls now have huge expectations.

I want this, and that!

Suddenly the man is a slave…

Do this and that!

The guy should always agree with women.

And men have no right to ask women to do anything.

Women don’t listen to men,

any argument is pointless,

women are always right and can do everything.

When men disagree,

she gets nuts,

there’s no logic,

just yelling like crazy,

hands everywhere, crying, dramatizing

and you know what…

Today, men are castrated by society,

they walking around being told they are toxic,

they are called losers for everything, EVERY little thing.

They can’t say anything to women because…

if they are too nice – there’s an assumption they only want sex,

if they joke – woman gets nuts treating this personally and seriously.

For every little thing men are judged and called names.

God forbid if they will touch women…

Nowadays man has no support from the world,

no one have faith in them,

and the expectations for men are crazy…

doing 6 figures, having the energy to do whatever girl wants at a time she wants it, as she wants it.

Woman desire this strong man on her side and happy life…

while she is the one making man so powerless and miserable.

Man, you should remember:

women love motherfuckers who do whatever they want

99% of women won’t admit it

Women often say what society would like them to say.

And today’s society, filled with feminist movements, girl power, women’s independence, is all about making you a pussy.

Don’t let it happen.

Happy Valentines to you all!

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