Programmed as a losers

I found my old Instagram post and I felt required to share the message once again.
There are points and times when you have to push through no matter what.
People made of popular “wisdom” as from romantic comedies often make their own movie in their heads called “world – give me everything I want”…
And then reality comes and suddenly it turns out that the world is not about fulfilling whims, that uncomfortable work, enormous patience, determination is required, and that nothing is free (even if it appears that way).
And the stamping of the foot begins… “I said I want!”, “ If I don’t get it, I quit!”
I know that society is saying to us:
“if it’s too hard – quit”
“if you don’t like it – quit”
“if you don’t like your job – quit”
“if you don’t like how things go – quit”
The point is… we are all programmed as a… losers!
We quit, thinking we won.
How sick!
The ideal life in which things go your way is a delusion created in your head because you can not quit everything, every time when shit gets hard, uncomfortable, bad or so on. Not a single person is problem-free. You can not escape responsibility.
And there’s absolutely no one going to magically save you.
If you want to really kick asses you must stick with something.
It is hard to continue to move when everybody else falls off.
But when you see people sitting and waiting – it is your time to move.

P.S don’t take it to the extreme. There are certain situations when you must/should quit. You shouldn’t stick with things/situations/people that don’t serve you. But you can’t quit before starting or as soon as your effort is required, either.

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