She knew it would not be easy

She was afraid of meeting me because she knew it would not be easy.⁠

When she opened the door of her office, I greeted her with a nice smile, kindly, humanly.⁠

I asked if she was nervous, although I knew perfectly that she was.⁠

When the big cups of coffee entered the table, I asked her to share her feelings with me.⁠

“I feel ashamed, embarrassed. I am angry with myself that I led to the fact that I had to hire you to rescue my business “…”⁠

There have been many tears during our two-day work, and yes, I was crying too. ⁠

Deep analysis of what is today’s situation and plan for the future. ⁠

But above all, the pure and sweet truth of “why?” and “for what?”.⁠

She was brilliant, so honest with herself in replies about causes, sources and effects … “IT’S ME!” – she said so many times.⁠

Her business divided into prime factors. All cards face up.⁠

All major problems analyzed and selected repair tools, step by step.⁠

You see… as long as your mind deceives you to cover all your problems, you won’t be able to really face them.⁠

Your lazy brain potentially works to your advantage (primal instincts) by saving energy (running away from problems) while allowing you to destroy yourself.⁠

It is worth facing and changing your existence …⁠

Only when you save yourself, you have a chance to save your business.⁠

Have a nice evening!⁠

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