Being a rich employee

There was a time when I was sure that everyone should be an entrepreneur to be rich. Now I know that you can be an entrepreneur and be broke. Although I’m very much entrepreneurship activist I know that not everyone is ready to have a business. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur, you can be amazing at doing your job. Moreover, often people are much better at doing their full-time job, so today I want to point out a few skills required to be an influential employee.

How to be a rich employee?

Every day improve.

I know it’s a popular thing to say – improve, be 1% better every day. But I feel that there is such a power in that tip. You don’t need to change your life 360 degrees, small steps every day.

Many people think that as an employee they don’t have responsibility for the process, ideas, business growth. It is true, and it’s not. I believe everyone can (and should) address their concerns in a way they like. They may not get permission to implement any of it but it’s not the case. Show that you care – so simple and so underestimated. But… if your ideas are never accepted, are ignored or stollen by other team members – it’s time to find a new place to grow.

Choose yourself. Give yourself permission to set certain goals, make a difference and take responsibility. Choose who you are, what you want to achieve and how you want to work.

Generating new ideas is a new currency.

Every employer is waiting from new, fresh ideas and his employee pro-active approach.

More is more. Believe me.

It will prove your worth.

I know, it’s an extra effort, no one is paying you for that, no one in the team is doing it

But this is the case. Stand out from the crowd. Show that you care. Show that you can.

Let others SEE you.

Don’t be scared that someone will use your ideas and no really appreciate you.

You must generate so many ideas that people will not forget you. They will not miss you out.
Your boss can use one or two of your ideas. But statically, he will finally say it’s all because of you.


I have some thoughts to share.

Being addicted to your employment is influencing your value for the employer. I believe that if you show your boss that you don’t need to work for him because you have different income streams, he will pay you much more. You see… if you manage people you can see how far you can go with each team member. If someone is doing great outside the employment you pay attention more. You want to influence them, attract them so much, so they will forget about any other side hustle.

Btw it’s too risky to stay ok with one income stream. Thinking that employment is safer? Think again.

To say a little bit more on the rich employee topic, I would suggest that you plan the end of it. Starting a new job, a project is cool but have an end of it in mind. People think that they are in control but more often this is just an illusion. When you starting a new job think what you want to achieve during this employment. Plan milestones and calculate the risk of losing the job. Don’t be afraid to search for new opportunities along the way. You boss may look like the best friend now… but remember he will never be your neighbour. It’s a business. No matter how harsh it may feel now, this is the truth. People play to be nice and get rid of you when they find the occasion. Plan your career and know when to leave.

Give others the opportunity to share their ideas – that will increase the trust and support of your own ideas.

Do people see that you are not around during your holidays? Addict people from you. They must miss you when you are gone.

Ask for what’s yours. Waiting for pay raise? promotion? attention? possibilities of development? Chances are you will wait forever. Unless you ask for it. I saw this million times. A good employee sitting and waiting for the boss to see him/her. No one can read your mind. Communicate.

Was it useful? Did any tip surprise you?

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