Quitting and inconsistency – the real virus that takes global

Will you actually take action on my tips?

You see… many people read my articles, watch my videos. Some congratulate me, clap their hands. They talk about how much value they get from me. It’s nice to hear, but what I care the most about are their results. My job means nothing if you don’t get results. And you can get them only by actually take action on my tips.

You won’t achieve greatness by looking for another tip, new popular idea, strategies. You must decide on something and stick with it for a while. Not from time to time, when you feel like it, where the flow comes. Business is not a romance. Make a plan and implement it. Don’t quit with no reason or with a fake one.

People are great with inconsistency and quitting. They want to stick with what they know best in their comfort zone, at the same time dreaming about something completely different. From time to time they break with it, they making action under the pressure of one-time motivation. They don’t see results, but how can they? It was just one action. There’s no goal in the world to be achieved with one step only!

I could go further with it.

But you don’t need it.

All you need is ACTION.

So take the first step.

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