Business consultant – my story

Business consultant and the whole consulting concept at first sounded awful to me.

I was saying that business consultants are the worst people ever.

Scammers, narcissistic jerks, that don’t really mind to help you but rip you off from every penny, manipulate you into this success dream.

But I love business too much.

It is my expertise.

I saw too many times my ideas winning the market.

I could not use that.

And I said to myself that instead of running away from what is so true to me.

I will go for it, name it as it is (before I was trying to call myself any other words than business consultant).

And I decided to change what people think about business consultants.

Business consulting becomes this odd concept.

Everyone started calling themselves an expert.

The market becomes full of people who don’t know shit about business and trying to teach how to do business…

Business consultants, coaches, advisors – it a plague, they are everywhere!

I decided to do things in a different way than others do.

I started

I decided to call out all the scamming methods.

I wrote an article about what to ask prospective business consultant to see if it is a right person to talk to. (LINK)

I offer “free consulting”.

And while others roll their eyes on me, I’M THRIVING!

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