Innovative ideas that influenced the fashion industry

Today I want to introduce you to innovative ideas that changed the fashion industry.


Joerg Zuber – Munich-based designer is the human behind one of the most influential virtual personas – Noonoouri.

This digital girl has become a major influencer in the fashion world, closing in on 360,000 Instagram followers and having worked with big brands like Marc Jacobs, Dior, Fenty, Versace, KKW Beauty and Swarovski.

Her Instagram posts sometimes feature product placement, those sponsored posts receive between 10,000 to 30,000 likes.

She is also a kind of activist – she’s posting about climate change and sustainability.

You can also see that she’ll appear in images or videos alongside well-known fashion industry leaders.

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British brand PrettyLittleThing turned a viral Twitter post into a new dress design.

They get inspired by a post of 19-year-old Eleanor Walton. She accidentally spilt red wine on her white jumpsuit. Her friend, Mia, salvaged the situation by masking the spill using even more wine, creating a tie-dye effect. A before-and-after photo was posted on Twitter, which quickly went viral.

Aware of the publicity and interest Eleanor’s new outfit had gained, PrettyLittleThing decided to recreate the design. The retailer sold thousands of identical white and burgundy tie-dye jumpsuits on its website. The garment costed €40. Moreover, PrettyLittleThing also credited the design by including the original before-and-after photo on the product page.


London-based Intelistyle’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot stylist works with both retailers and customers.

The algorithm can “complete the look” by generating multiple outfits based around a single product – which is great for retailers. It can also recommend appropriate alternatives for out-of-stock items!

For shoppers, the chatbot recommends styles and outfits based on personal preference like body type and hair, eye colour or skin tone.
Plus, based on what is already in a shopper’s closet, it can recommend new buys as well as suggestions of combinations of items already owned. Game changer!

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