How Ex Obama Secret Service Agent Help Me Run a Business

Some time ago I describe my 3H strategy of selling during COVID-19. And a few days ago I started reading Evy Poumpouras book. She is a former Secret Service Agent. She describes there F3 response—a way you habitually respond to danger or conflict. F3 is our body’s way of arming itself to help protect you. And it can be applied to any area of our life!

Fight, Flight, or Freeze

Fight mode is to immediately combat whatever is threatening us—whether or not it is safe to do so. If someone hits you, you hit back. If someone yells at you, you yell back. It’s a response in which you retaliate with aggressive behaviour to protect yourself. You make the decision to take a defensive stance against the threat whatever it might be.

The Flight response occurs when you feel the threat is more than you can handle. People who are predisposed to Flight will run away from danger rather than run toward it. If someone confronts them, they will do all they can to avoid or remove themselves from the situation. The Flight response is designed to protect you by getting you out of a volatile situation as soon as possible.

Freeze mode occurs when you are so overwhelmed by a perceived threat that you can’t respond. It is overstimulation that grips and immobilizes you. Often when this happens, you can’t think, can’t plan, can’t act. All you can do is remain frozen in place and hope that the threat will pass you.

Identify Your Fear Response

Understanding your personal F3 response will allow you to exert control over yourself, to identify what you will do before it happens, and assess the tactical costs and benefits of that response.

As Evy Poumpouras said “the more control you have over your F3 response, the better you’ll be able to deal with difficult situations and thrive in the world”.

What does it have to do with business?

Do you remember 3H selling strategy I use in Hustler, Hoper, Holder – is in general people’s reaction to fear of coronavirus.

Hustler’s response to fear is Fight –They are fighting, looking for opportunities, taking chances. They move forward, they are taking advantage of the situation. They want to grow their business. They want to build, they search for new ideas, fresh and creative ways to reach their customers. They look the danger in the eyes and do whatever the hell feels right.

Hoper’s response to fear is Flight – companies that really don’t do anything, they don’t want to risk. Often downsize (get rid of people), save cash hoping that crisis will quickly pass. The worst people to sell to right now (during a pandemic). They are scared, they won’t buy. They are so focused on how they will survive that they don’t think about growing. They want to forget about the problem. They will often change the goal.

Holder’s response to fear is Freeze– they are holding tight, they are not sure what is gonna happen. They staying in business to figure out how to work during these times (crisis). If you have a proposition for them that clearly shows step by step process, will help them reduce costs, grow revenue, expand market share – they gonna listen to you. They need a true leader to show them the way. Otherwise, they will remain frozen until the situation will clarify.

Knowing your F3 response as well as being able to identify other’s people F3 response will help you thrive in business. Sales, business negotiations have never been easier. Think about it.

Did you read Evy Poumpouras book “Becoming Bulletproof”? I highly recommend it.

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