I am fat ass myself

yeah I know

there will be voices I’m not a “good expert” because I need to work on my shit too

“how I can teach others if I make mistakes??”

some will say I’m telling this for marketing purposes only

yeah. I heard that before.

The truth is…

I’m not that tough

I have to work hard

I make mistakes even in areas of my expertise

my mindset tries to trick me too

I’m competing against my own BS every single day

there are people smarter than me

further than me

you can judge me how you want

many think I act like I’m better than everybody else

and I’m not.

I need to work hard

fight my demons

push myself

and let me tell you…

it is much easier for me to let others jump than to convince myself to move my own ass

often businesses of my clients have better results than mine


I came from a regular family

no special environment

shit happen to my life

I struggled with almost everything

it is what it is

but I will not do a pity party

it all made me who I am today

I’m not a gifted winner

or tough-minded by blood

my toughness comes from all the situations I got my ass bitten and I needed to learn, adapt to changing environment – simply survive

I made a commitment

to become better

try harder

ever single day

I fail

I act stupid

I struggle

I pretend

I deny

I’m getting stronger

I’m trying again

and again

and again

I accept the bumpy road

I’m at a point in my life when I say I have no other choice than just push even more

No easy way

no soft cushion under my ass

just the boring, uncomfortable or risky actions that we all try to avoid our whole life.

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