The pathology of the world we live in

I’m back with thoughts about today’s cult of weakness, the pathology we experience but not many see… the world that is strengthening the fears and disorders. Making people good soldiers for the sick system.

The lies that surround us claim that the comfort zone is golden, and all challenges are bad. All the threats are seen as a problem, not a challenge. On every step depression, anxiety, safety cult. People hear “be you” and suddenly we have lazy as f- masses talking about being hurt, spreading kindness and manifesting their best life sitting on the couch with a pack of chips.

The whole world is perpetuating disorders, and delusions persuaded by social media and the image of the world that is created there. The rainbow and sunshine BS. Let me puke!

Today, people cannot cope with everyday problems, they regress in development, and they become slaves of the world and the system. Heads on their phones, afraid of their own shadow, afraid to speak up, worried to look someone in the eyes. And they themselves are to blame for this situation, they do not want to try to get out of their comfort zone. Such a weak society! And everyone who points out this problem is hated in any possible way. Isn’t that funny? People are afraid to speak up but they are not afraid to spread delusions and hate towards those who actually have an opinion.

And everything starts in childhood – mothers do not allow trying, experimenting… “you will be hurt” “don’t do that” “you can’t” “you don’t know how”. Am I the only one seeing this problem?

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