Internet 101

Learn to manage your emotional reactions because…
You will hear the opinions you don’t like.
You will find things offensive.
Things will trigger you in various ways.
No one is required to think like you or to solve your problems.
No one is obligated to make you feel safe, validated or catered to.
You can’t control other people.
So control yourself.
I don’t expect everyone to do deep research on me, or on the content I create.
It’s easy to get wrong conclusions based on a few-second video or one sentence out of context.
But I admire how much time and emotions someone is able to devote to my persona without securing their own reputation and intellect by checking information before saying anything.
Messages like from high school. Adding nothing to the subject. But somehow, someone felt it matters.
That being said I invite you to purchase my provocative program to get to know me and my approach better and maybe (maybe!) learn something about yourself and your environment.
Dear, don’t mess with me.
It doesn’t matter what I said.
It doesn’t matter how I said it.
It doesn’t matter why I said it.
It matters why it bothers you.
You may not agree with me.
That’s fine.
But I believe you will face the same “information” over and over again.
Until you change something.
The trigger I woke up in you will never go away.
It will always be there.
So, instead of using “my pathological issues” as an excuse to stay the same forever…
Focus on understanding yourself and building the strength you need to solve your problems.
Don’t make the world repeat that twice.
It would be only a waste of time.

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