Cult of self-love

You must love yourself and everything will be ok?

The key to happiness?

To fulfilment,


It will help chase your dreams,

in relationships,

and do everything for you.

Self-love can be both:

the problem

and the solution.

If you look at yourself and you will find that you are insecure…

how the hell you can find fulfilment in that?!

The purpose, the why, the passion, fulfilment – all are outside us!

We are not the solution to all our problems,

we are not a lonely island.

We are the problem and we won’t solve it on our own.

We are bombarded with all different types of messages that promise to bring the confidence that we looking for…

and every time -fail!

I don’t want you to look for a solution in everyone who just crossing your way,

don’t expect anyone to save you!

Self-love and “being yourself“ becomes a go-to for many people.

It becomes an excuse for not doing things!

What’s going next?

Feeling even more depressed, insecure, purposeless and useless…

We search for perfection,

and what we find is a disappointment.

You can’t be your own God,

your own fulfilment.

You can’t take wisdom do yourself because you have some limits.

And I said you should not depend on other people,

this post says that you won’t fix yourself either…

so where should you go?

Will the motivational gurus tell you who you are?

All the affirmations,


This really takes you nowhere.

The self-care routines…

they all will work

for a limited period of time

you MIGHT achieve the short term goals

but it doesn’t last!

We want lasting fulfilment, right?

Take your eyes from analysing yourself and start doing things.

Saying yourself you are enough while having some sort of addiction, having an unhealthy lifestyle,

will not solve your problems,

you will feel even more stuck.

Stop obsessing about yourself, your behaviour, what you did, what you said…

the past is gone.

I know,

people want to feel better all the time.

They become addicted to motivational quotes, videos…

but these don’t motivate them to move their asses.

Often times they give positive vibes for a few minutes and then negative thoughts speed up

and before they realised,

they play an ongoing catch up game with their ego.

You are questioning yourself,

and that’s the worst you can do.

Nurture the wisdom of this world.

Your brain was created to solve problems while moving forward.

Reality does not respond to your thoughts and feelings or beliefs,

it only responds to what you are doing!

Love yourself,

admire yourself,

Love others,

admire others,

but don’t sit and wait.

Stop the pity party.

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