Samsung, Apple, Google are going further. Are you?

When people are coming to me,

money is an obvious expectation,

wherever they say it or not.

And I know it!


I remember my business/marketing/sales consultations

and these “experts” who denied making any guarantees.

At that time it made me furious

but while running the business I realised

how many different aspects influence the final result.

Not many things frustrate me more than someone who asks for advice and then

decides to not taking it, complain, or… both.

But that still happens,

despite me trying,



Advice that aligns my creative efforts with your whole business strategy it’s not easy to create.

I need to think through what complementary assets, capabilities, offerings could prevent customers from defecting to competitors and keep your business position in the market strong.

Now I have the whole process ready for that

so it becomes easier.

But I need to admit:

innovation initiatives frequently fail.

Is it good for me to say that?

Business requires continual experimentation and adaptation.

And even the most successful business owners have a hard time sustaining their performance.

But yes!

It is still worth the trouble.

Many businesses while deciding about their next moves go for similar choices.

For instance, many companies decided on entering the social media,

not realising that posting nice pictures itself won’t make their numbers skyrocket…

There’s so much competition

and everyone promotes the same.

Boring things in a saturated market are a recipe to fail.

Do you agree?

Samsung strategically invests in a range of external creative initiatives.

Apple used to outsource R&D initiatives, but now developing competencies in-house.

Google created a parent company for R&D and all the creative things that go with it.

So don’t tell me that sticking with old methods, and common strategies are enough.

The biggest market players show you that hunger for new, fresh, innovative…

And if you don’t know yet…

I’m challenging the status quo with my experience and perspective.

I blend non-traditional and conventional ideas to drive business growth.

And I have team ready for a new challenge.

Are you in,

or out?

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