Did the fun die?

We look at ourselves and wonder, what is wrong with me? Why my life is so boring?

It’s the right way to the deadly uninteresting life. You can make the decision to be sad for what you don’t have or grateful for what you do have. The choice is yours.

I believe that if you can’t be out there being who you really are, you are wasting valuable time. You literally wasting your life!

Yes, you’ll get by, working hard but making very little…
You can enjoy it less… and feel old, tired, useless.

You can also stop wishing, complaining and get what you want by constant action toward it. You can’t sit on your dreams. Make moves, small steps every day.

Even if is hard.
Even when no one believes you can.

Did you give up on a dream and settle for less?

What happened between that kid you were then and the adult you are now?
People call you names?
Did someone hurt your feelings?
Were you abandoned by loved ones?
Did your parents tell you to be a doctor instead of an artist?

Whatever happened it doesn’t have to last forever.
You can’t live in the past.

Start with the first step.

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