Drive growth, innovation and future of fashion

Ebook “Fashion business in UK
is a library of available business models and revenue models.
It’s the ultimate source for future reference.
And I must say I haven’t seen anything like this before.
I have been reading hundreds of books
for curiosity
for my studies, MBA too.
And yes many strategies, models have been introduced.
But not all at once,
in one book,
shortly explained,
just essential info for practical use.
Those ideas will help you launch new products, services and even businesses.
Ideas are universal.
For any kind of business,
and any size of the firm.

Who wants to:

design and execute new growth strategies?

Create innovation-driven new growth, build new businesses, and innovate business models?

Build innovation and digital capabilities… mindsets & cultures?

Lead the transformation towards new ways of working?

This ebook adopts a dynamic capabilities perspective to explore the activities and systems through which business innovations arise in the UK’s successful fashion brands.

Step-by-step proven roadmap to thrive.

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